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Original OHFC Clinic Walkthrough Tour

Established on October 13, 2017, The Free Healthcare Clinic of Quebradillas became a symbol of hope and inspiration to the victims of Hurricane Maria as they struggled to recover. The clinic operated for disaster relief until June of 2018. Currently, the municipality of Quebradillas is working with this facility to provide medical support for their people.

Life After Maria Documentary 1


One day you are comfortable in your beautiful home you worked hard to achieve. By sunup the next day, everything you own, inside, is gone. Half of your beautiful home is falling away. You have 10% of a roof. Your chandeliers have turned into flashlights hanging from a string.

A very nice group of people come by and give you $2,300 and say "good luck rebuilding." What do you do?

Filmed and Produced by:

Smiling Humans

Life After Maria Documentary 2

This is the current living situation for one elderly Puerto Rico resident 90+ days after Hurricane Maria made landfall. When will life turn back to normal? Will it ever?

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Life Without Power In Puerto Rico

90+ days after Hurricane Maria, this is what it looks like to drive through the neighborhoods. This street is lined with homes on either side, but you can not see them. Imagine living in one of these homes with your spouse, children, and pets.

Filmed and Produced by:

Smiling Humans